My Poem

If your life is a mile ahead, just smile, but how can you smile if you’ve been sad for a while. Just think about the good times, not the early bedtimes.

How to comment properly

Hello! Have you ever wondered “Hmmm… I wonder how to write a good comment?” Well, all you have to do is follow these 7 steps.

  • Good spelling.
  • No silly things like “LOL” or “HAHAHA u r SO FUNNEH”.
  • Be nice.
  • Good grammar.
  • Add your blog URL if you want to.
  • Start your comment with “Hello… My name is……”
  • End your comment with a nice introduction like “Hope to speak again, Kind regards….”

Now you can go on someone’s blog page, read one of their blog posts and you know how to write a good sentence.

Thank you, Amelia

All about me

Hi, my name is Amelia, I am 11 years old. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I am in year 6. My interestest are all sports and hanging out with friends and family. The things I don’t enjoy are spiders, stink bugs and lots of school work. My blog will most likely be about my interests and the things I do.

Hope to speak again, Amelia.

If you would like to visit my blogs please do, thank you.